WHS Changes 2024

The WHS are introducing some changes for the forthcoming season.

These changes will come into effect on the 1st April. Although these changes affect everyone the club and the WHS software will take care of all the changes going forward. There is no need for any member to worry about implementing any of changes themselves.

I hope to explain some of these changes so you can understand any differences in your handicap index from last year. 

The major change from last year is course rating minus par bringing GB&I into line with most other WHS jurisdictions, England Golf say Course Rating minus Par is an adjustment for the difference between the Course Rating and the Par of the course you are playing.

Simply, if the par is lower than the Course Rating players will receive additional shots on their Course Handicap. If the par is higher, they will lose strokes.

For Haigh Hall it works out as

Tee BoxParCourse RatingChange
Blue7171No Change
White7170.7minus 0.3
Yellow7067.4minus 2.6
Ladies Red7269.9minus 2.1

An example of the equation to formulate my course handicap for the yellow tee is :-
Handicap Index x (Slope Rating/113) + (Course Rating – Par)
10.9 × (122÷113) +(67.4 -70) 
= course handicap of 9.16 rounded to 9

This compares to a course handicap of 11.76 rounded to 12.
There is also a difference this year in that should you be playing in a competition say for example 95% of your course handicap the equation will only be rounded up once so it would be 95 % of 9.16 compared to last year which would have been 95% of 9. This has not made any difference to my playing handicap but may affect others depending on individuals exact equation. 

Another change for this year is that 4bbb scores may be added to your handicap record. Once a fourball betterball score is returned to the WHS portal by club software, it will look for some specific benchmarks.

These are :

  • A pair must have scored at least 42 points or six under par.
  • One of the pair must have scored on a minimum of nine holes.
  • That player’s round will then be upscaled – with points for their unplayed holes added based on their playing partner’s score.
  • That will be 0 points if there is no score, one point if their partner has scored a point on a hole, and 1.5 points added where their partner has scored two or more points on a hole
  • If the total score of that player is then 36 or more points, a score differential will be calculated and the score will be added to the player’s record. If it does not, it will not be acceptable for handicap purposes.

The score may, or may not, count as one of the player’s best eight. Scores that do not meet the criteria will still be added to records but will not be used in calculations.

Players won’t be required to try and work out whether their scores are acceptable following the conclusion of a round.

Its hoped that these changes may quell the stigma that is labelled at players who mostly play 4bbb competitions.

Other small changes within the WHS are also coming in effect this spring. Further information can found on the WHS or RandA websites. 

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Alan Hamblett

Chairman of Handicaps

Membership Subscriptions 2024

After the recent AGM it was agreed that this year’s membership subscriptions shall be as follows and are based on you age on the 1st April 2024

Membership CategoryPrice
Ordinary Men and Ladies£100
Senior Member – 66 and over £85
Intermediate – 17 to 25-year-old £45
Student – In full time education£45
Junior – Up to 16 years old £30

For existing members if you pay before the 30th of April 2024 this amount will be reduced by £10. This reduction will only apply to Ordinary and Senior membership categories

We would like to reduce the need for handling cash and would therefore encourage you to make your payment by bank transfer.